Why IP Video Surveillance?

Access video wherever the network reaches, giving your video surveillance power, connection, and control with a single Cat5/6 cable.

Increase Scalability, Reduce Costs

Reduce your total cost of ownership with IP surveillance solutions by cutting out excess wires, transmitters, power boxes and other additional costs associated with previous analog systems. Combined with our powerful standalone NVRs which include built-in PoE switches for simple plug and play installation, increase your market share by penetrating into new potential projects for your business.

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Enhance Value for Your Customers

Gain mobility with our new and improved NVMS7000, supporting our entire line of LTS products, allowing you to view footage from computer desktops and mobile devices. Fully integrated systems allow more software flexibility through our free video management systems, and compatible with partners such as Milestone, Control 4, amongst others. Learn more.

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Networking Support

Reliable service is always at your call. Allow LTS IP specialists help troubleshoot any networking issues you may have with quality and efficient tech support, or sign up to one of our networking webinars for training on the most current market trends.

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