About LTS

In 2008, LTS began making waves in the security industry – delivering innovative, value-adding products from cameras and NVRs to intercom and access control devices, and to mobile apps and software. Now, in a new era of intelligent data, LTS is moving ahead again to provide sophisticated data solutions that push the boundaries of business systems and applications. Contact us today to find out how LTS can put intelligent solutions in your hands.


End to End Support

With our accomplished, industry-driven sales and technical support teams, customers across the country have said that LTS helps them achieve what most other companies cannot. We are dedicated to providing end-to-end support on any and every project. Contact a local branch representative today and find out why LTS takes pride in its customer service.

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Quality is Key

LTS’s product lines feature only high-quality products, and we always aim to provide personalized and professional customer support. With our talented, dedicated product management and sales teams, we make sure that your voice is heard and that your needs are met.

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Free IP Consultation

Understanding the complexity of IP networking, we’ve gone through thousands of R&D tests to make sure we provide the easiest plug-and-play solutions for systems integrators and IP installers. Call us today to get a free IP consultation at any of our nationwide offices.

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