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LTS Pro-VS Series

NDAA Compliant Solutions for Any Setting


On August 13, 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), specifically section 889 went into effect. This section prohibits the use of certain video surveillance and telecommunications services, equipment, and components manufactured by specific vendors in federal buildings as well as federally-contracted developments.

LTS is committed to complying with all government and international trade regulations.

That's why we proudly introduce our video surveillance line: Pro-VS, with 13 new NDAA compliant IP cameras and 6 new NDAA compliant NVRs.



IP Cameras

  • Color 24/7 Available
  • 4 and 8 MP Recording Available
  • Motorized and Fixed Lenses Available
  • Smart IR
  • True WDR
  • Advanced Video Compression (H.265)
  • IP67 Protection

List of NDAA Compliant IP Cameras

VSIP3182W-28 Fixed Lens Turret
VSIP3182W-28MDA Fixed Lens Turret
VSIP3182WB-28MDA Fixed Lens Turret
VSIP3182W-MDA Fixed Lens Turret
VSIP3442W-28MA Fixed Lens Turret
VSIP3442W-28MDA Fixed Lens Turret
VSIP3442WB-28MDA Fixed Lens Turret
VSIP3442W-MDA Fixed Lens Turret
VSIP3643W-MDAZ Vari-focal Lens Turret
VSIP3C52W-28MA Fixed Lens Turret
VSIP3C82W-28MDA Fixed Lens Turret
VSIP7182W-28MDA Fixed Lens Dome
VSIP7182W-28 Fixed Lens Dome
VSIP7182W-MDA Fixed Lens Dome
VSIP7442W-28MD Fixed Lens Dome
VSIP7442W-28S Fixed Lens Dome
VSIP7442W-MD Fixed Lens Dome
VSIP7643W-MDAZ Vari-focal Lens Dome
VSIP7643W-SZ Vari-focal Lens Dome
VSIP7552FW-SE Fixed Lens Fisheye
VSIP8182W-28 Fixed Lens Bullet
VSIP8342W-28MDA Fixed Lens Bullet
VSIP8342W-MDA Fixed Lens Bullet
VSIP8382W-28MDA Fixed Lens Bullet
VSIP8382W-MDA Fixed Lens Bullet
VSIP8442W-28MA Fixed Lens Bullet
VSIP9643W-SZ Vari-focal Lens Bullet
VSIP9743W-MDAZ Vari-focal Lens Bullet
VSPTZIP4C44WSL-X25IR Vari-focal Lens / Fixed Lens PTZ
VSPTZIP3122WSL-X4IR Vari-focal Lens / Fixed Lens PTZ
VSPTZIP424X25WIR Vari-focal Lens PTZ
VSPTZIP674X33WIR Vari-focal Lens PTZ



  • 4 - 32 Channels NVR
  • Advance Compression H.265
  • Up to 4K/8MP Recording Resolution
  • HDMI and VGA Video Outputs
  • Built-in PoE

List of NDAA Compliant NVRs

SKUNumber of Channels
VSN7104-P4 4
VSN7208-P8 8
VSN7216-P16 16
VSN7432-P16 32
VSN8104-P4 4
VSN8208-P8 8
VSN8216-P16 16
VSN8432 32
VSN8432-R 32
VSN8432-P16 32
VSN8864-R 64

List of NDAA Compliant VMS

SKUNumber of Channels

List of NDAA Compliant PoE Switches

SKUNumber of PoE Ports
VSPOE-SW1602 16
VSPOE-SW2402 24

List of NDAA Compliant Accessories

VSJB742 Junction Box for Dome (VSIP74xx, VSIP71xx) and Turret (VSIP34xx, VSIP31xx, VSIP3C52xx)
VSJB763 Junction Box for VSIP7552FW-SE, VSIP7643W-SZ, and VSIP3C82xx
VSJB842 Junction Box for VSIP8442W-28MA, VSIP8182W-28
VSJB973 Junction Box for VSIP83xxMDA
VSWM-JBOX Junction box for wall mount VSWM342, VSWM763
VSWM342 Wall Mount for VSIP3442W-28MA, VSIP7442W-28S, VSIP3182W-28, VSIP7182W-28, VSIP3C52xx
VSWM424 Wall Mount for VSPTZIP424X25WIR and VSPTZIP674X33WIR, 20CM
VSWM674 Wall Mount for VSPTZIP424X25WIR and VSPTZIP674X33WIR, 31CM
VSWM763 Wall Mount for VSIP7643W-SZ and VSIP3C82xx
VSPM342 Pole Mount for VSIP31xx/34xx/71xx/74xx
VSPM643 Pole Mount for VSPTZIP67xx/42xx
VSPM963 Pole Mount for VSIP9643W-SZ
VSPD342 Pendant Mount for VSIP3Cxx/31xx/34xx/71xx/74xx/76xx, need to pair with Junction Box VSJB742
VSPD643 Pendant Mount for VSPTZIP67xx/42xx, 200mm
VSPP643 Parapet Mount for VSPTZIP67xx/42xx
VSCM643 Corner Mount for VSPTZIP67xx/42xx
Pro-VS App & Client Software

Pro-VS Station

  • Manage up to 5,000 devices and allow up to 10,000 video channels
  • Smooth live view and playback
  • Account sharing via cloud
  • Push alarm notification
Client Software
  • Manage up to 128 devices and monitor up to 512 video channels
  • Up to 64 split view for live view
  • Two way audio and broadcast
  • Search recordings by triggered events
For more information and order fulfillment on the NDAA compliant product line, contact your LTS sales representative.
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